I love playing
Laughing dancing swimming
Singing living
To Co-create
To Love
To be Loved
And love each other

My commitment is to be at the service
of a just society
Environmentally restorative
Spiritually loving

I dream in all colors
Intergalactic travel
And prophecies

Honesty my guide
The vastness of the universe my horizon
My magic
Is awakening hearts

Caro Cárdenas
Caro Cárdenas


Love, Create and Motivate.


Ethical Conduct, Wisdom and Love.


Human Development, Spirituality and Learning.


In 2016, I began to feel again – as I felt in childhood – the desire and pleasure to express myself through art. Transforming ideas and feelings, into thoughts and into action, through color and movement. From lines devoid of expectations but full of me and the universe, states of consciousness, intimate spaces, clarity and healing began to emerge. When intuition and cognition begin to dialogue, they allow me to discover little by little who I am as a species, what lies beneath the apparent social apathy and where I want to go within a mass, urban and industrialized society, which still causes me so much pain.

These creations have become guardians and companions in my process of awareness in relation to my thoughts, words and actions. They have filled me with courage and hope to convey what I feel. They have given me the possibility of unifying and expanding my being with the universe, finding a way of communicating with the world to remember and share the knowledge and experiences accumulated throughout my vocation as an educator and scientist*. I could call my art, as an art: “evolutionary intuitive and ontological, at the service of universal well-being”, through the union between scientific knowledge, spirituality and ancestral wisdom to seek the beauty of thought, words and actions with the purpose of serving to personal, social and planetary well-being, through lines, colors and texts, characterized by their simplicity, playfulness, depth, wisdom and love.

– Caro


* Clinical and Social Community Psychologist; Diploma in Positive Psychology and Mental Health. Kindergarden educator. Advanced Ontological Coach in Body and Movement. Avatar level 1 – 2. Laughter Yoga leader. Training in the Art of facilitating and collaborative work networks. Nonviolent Communication. Activist and independent researcher-practitioner on Contemplative Sciences and Shared Well-being. Ecologist, lover of life and the common good. Founding member in: www.SomosPolen.com and activist in: www.pachamama.org / www.evoleadinstitute.com / www.caravanaporlapaz.org