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The DANTA band (Ban-DANTA)* pisco-educational, ecological and therapeutic project that invites us to sing to heal and heal to sing through musical vibration and the repetition of words.

Ban-DANTA supports the choice of its rhythms and elements, through the scientific observations of Integrative and Philosophical Medicine schools of the world. Generating a particular integration of Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, Mapuche and Maya Worldview, plus the contributions of Ecopsychology, Positive Psychology and Contemplative Neurosciences to contribute through music to personal, social and planetary healing.

Until today, each song of the band analyzes in depth our systems of judgments and beliefs; our awareness of emotions and actions, and explores how this impacts mental and physical health, to provide us with paths of prevention and healing on a personal, social and planetary level, from different creative, critical and affectionate perspectives.

*Ban-DANTA comes from the game of words La Banda de Danta and phonetically from the word VEDANTA, name given to the philosophy of Hinduism that since ancient times transmit wisdom through song