Danta, symbol of courage and kindness.

Bring the message of the wise and scientific observations to achieve the evolution of the Ego (personal purposes) and reach unconditional love (wish happiness for all).



To transmit through art teachings, reflections of sages and scientists to reduce suffering and promote the well-being of all sentient beings.

Who is Danta

Danta uses the symbol of peace in his right hand to remember his purpose. In his left hand, the totem of love to remember that he is a guardian of unconditional love. On his back, a cape, reminds him that he can access the magic and vastness of the Universe.

He knows that the path of love requires courage, self-discipline, kindness, and mindfulness. He knows that our habits and beliefs are often deeply rooted and company, support and guidance are required to move forward. You know that the only power and control is over your thoughts, words, and actions. “Nothing changes, I change, everything changes”, is one of his slogans.

He knows that happiness is found in our way of describing experiences and that the primary emotion of the Human Being is love, for this reason, he uses all his power to desire and achieve happiness for all beings!

Enjoy and turn on your light!